Why Green?

Green buildings are sited, designed, constructed, and operated to enhance the well
being of their occupants and support a healthy community and natural environment. In practical terms, green building is a whole-systems-approach to building that includes:

  • Designing for livable communities
  • Using sun and site to the building’s advantage for natural heating, cooling, and day lighting
  • Landscaping with native, drought-resistant plants and water-efficient practices
  • Building quality, durable structures
  • Reducing and recycling construction and demolition waste
  • Insulating well and ventilating appropriately
  • Incorporating durable, salvaged, recycled, and sustainably harvested materials
  • Using healthy products and building practices
  • Using energy-efficient and water-saving appliances, fixtures and technologies

When implemented holistically, these strategies serve to preserve our environment for future generations by conserving natural resources and protecting air and water quality. They provide benefits for us today by increasing comfort and well-being and helping to maintain healthy air quality. Finally, green building strategies are good for everyone’s pocketbook by reducing maintenance and replacement requirements, reducing utility bills and lowering the cost of home ownership, and increasing property and resale values.

GREEN IS SAFER– for the environment. Your home will use less energy and natural resources compared to a traditionally built home.

GREEN IS HEALTHIER– for your family. Our homes exceed the usual guidelines for indoor air quality, which provides a healthier living environment for your family.

GREEN IS CHEAPER– for your wallet. With increasing energy costs, we focus on creating more energy efficient homes for you and your family. In addition, you will add value to your property, and you may qualify for tax credits